Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

here it is all done up! oh and a little Christmas elf....

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our Christmas Tree Adventure

Getting Ready to get our Tree. Last year we were FREEZING but this year we came prepared and then it wasn't very cold.

We always find time for family pictures. Aren't we cute!?!?!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Jesus and the "Honkey"

Here is our first real Nativity scene. I bought a cheap one so that Noe could play with it and get to know the people involved. He loves playing with baby Jesus and the animals, especially. I was sitting with him and telling him the story of Jesus' birth and why he came. He was asking me who each person was and what each of the animals was. He would set each thing up so that it was looking at baby Jesus. After telling him what each thing was this is what he remembered......
After all of this I found him with his finger in the hole on the back of baby Jesus. He was flying the baby around saying "it's okay, I've got you baby."
My child is sooooo darling. I know you all agree. And I hope you enjoy this window into our day.

Noak using Scissors for the 1st Time

This is Noe's 1st attempt at using scissors. Not only is he a genius but he is also very cute....especially how he opens his mouth when he opens the scissors.

Noak's 1st day of Tracing

I did a little school with Noe today. We learned about the letter C and we reviewed A and B. We also used scissors for the 1st time and we did some fun colouring. Is he not just a total genius!!! =)