Monday, August 25, 2008

Noe's New Bed

This is Noe's new bed. We had our first experience with night time scaredness. We have been praying over Noe's room and teaching him to ask Jesus to come when he is scared. We spent a few nights having to hold his hand while he fell asleep and waking up to a little boy in our bed by morning. So we took Sunday afternoon to put together his new bed. We have been planning to put up bunk beds in his room because of all the visitors we seem to have. We also felt the fun change may make it easier for him to fall back into the routine of him going to sleep in his bed (and staying there). This is Noe laying down for a nap in his new bed. We strung special lights up on the inside to light up the space and we put a canopy over the top too. The one weirdly lit picture is just the presence of God and His angels filling Noe's room (or possibly just a weird flash =) ). Last night though, Noe was waking up because he has the beginnings of a cold, so after 4 times of getting up with him, I just decided to sleep there with him for a while. After a couple hours I decided to go to my own bed and actually sleep, when I rose quickly i forgot that we had bunk beds and I slammed the bridge of my nose on the top rail. While seeing stars I climbed into bed while Gabe consoled me. I must say, despite that and as Noe is taking a Nap with no help, I do love the bunkbeds.

Our New Tractor

We are the proud owners of an old Kubota tractor. It is a wonderful gift that my dad gave to us and we have been anxiously awaiting it's delivery to our home in Redding. It runs great when the tires are not falling off (which only happened once and was promptly fixed). We have already begun to clear our back yard. We even have people lining up to borrow it.

Gabe sings special bedtime songs with Noe each night. He sings a different one for each grandparent. Till now Papa Ernie's song has been "Papa Ernie drives a tractor, Papa Ernie drives a truck, Vroom vroom vroom goes the tractor, vroom vroom vroom goes the truck. But since my parents came up and brought our new Kubota the song has been asked to be changed...Now when Gabe sings the song Noe interjects with (and makes Gabe correct the song with) Papa Ernie drives an ORANGE tractor. I know that Papa Ernie has been trying to encourage John Deer Green but I think that it will now be Kubota Orange. Noe is very firm about that.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Running and Jumping

Running and Jumping and Running and Jumping and Running and Jumping and Running...............

Running and Jumping and Running and Jumping and Running and Jumping and Running...............

Running and Jumping and Running and Jumping and Running and Jumping and Running...............

Little hands and little feet, all covered in sand.

What a difference a year makes. Last year our little guy mostly sat and played in the sand, this year anticipating long bouts of sitting, we bought sand castle buckets, shovels, rakes, boats and more only to find that things had changed. So we abandoned our royal castle and we chased our little prince instead. We jumped, we ran, we fell in the sand, we drew circles and letters and pictures. We were all covered in sand by the time we left, a little wet and a bit chilly. But I love that the day at the beach was unexpectedly so much better than I had hoped or imagined.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Our Cousin is finally big enough to play with, well sit next to.

One of our greatest joys is our family. Paisley time was especially fun.

Shake Your Bootie

I love to play with Noe and sing. One of my favorites is "Shake your booootie " and I put my hands on his hips and shake his little well as the rest of him, it is quite funny. We always sing and dance around our house. One day Noe comes into the kitchen while I am cooking and I feel these two little hands one either side of my bootie and i hear "shake bootie, shake bootie" as he is trying to make me shake. When I finally figured out what he was saying I almost fell down laughing. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.